5 reasons To Install A Variable Speed Swamp Cooler

The aspect of an air conditioner that dictates efficiency is the SEER rating; this is what in turn dictates your overall level of comfort. When looking to upgrade or replace your air conditioner, a variable speed swamp cooler is what you might consider, especially if you live in a part of the country with low humidity levels.

Although variable speed swamp coolers tend to cost around thirty percent more than your standard unite does, excerpts claim that the added expense is an investment that due to the energy savings, lower levels of wear and tear to your systems, and most importantly of all the increase in comfort, make it more than worthwhile.

A variable speed swamp cooler will run longer and require less output, it adds someĀ  humidity into the house and balances the environment much better. Here are more benefits that make every bit of the additional cost worthwhile:

1. Higher Level of Efficiency

That low speed operation that is experienced throughout the day, which by certain estimates completely bypasses the full speed operations that standard units require comes out to around an eighty percent saving in your electric bill, this is something that expert explain can be confirmed via a home energy audit. This unique role is played by the air handler, regardless of where it is summer or winter which will by reaching peak efficiency, allow you to lower your energy costs.

2. Reduced Noise Levels

If you have ever lived or been in a home that uses a standard air conditioner, that loud whoosh of air which emanates from the duct work every time the system turns on is something that you are probably all too familiar with. When operating at full speed, a standard furnace or air handler will generate quite a bit of noise, swamp coolers that have variable speed fans will not. The system is so quiet that many times when it cycles on, you will not even notice that it has.

3. Higher Levels of Comfort

There is more than just energy savings that a near continuous operation provides: comfort levels are also increased. When an evaporative cooling system has to start and stop often, there can be a drastic variation in the temperatures of an average home when compared to when it is not. If you invest in a variable speed swamp cooler installation, there will hardly be a variation in the temperature of your home due to the fact that it is able to maintain a fairly uniform, consistent temperature throughout the home.

4. Better Air Quality

The more that the air in a home goes through an evaporative cooling system and the air filter, the air will be cleaner. It is important to still check on the filter, perhaps even change it more often; however the end result is air quality in the home that is improved.

5. Humidity Control

During the summer, your swamp cooler is what you can rely on to cool the air in your home, and this process works more efficiently when your cooler happens to be a variable speed model.

Although there are many more benefits, these five reasons alone are enough to upgrade to a variable speed swamp cooler installation.