A Few Swamp Cooler Installation Guidelines

There are many people who look at completing a swamp cooler installation on their own and think this is an impossible thing to do. However, there are a few guidelines that you should consider when completing an swamp cooler installation. These guidelines will help you choose the right cooler to install and ensure that your installation is done correctly.

Go For A Variable Speed Model

When you consider the swamp cooler you want to install, you should look at one with a variable-speed blower motor. Your cooler will operate on a low speed for approximately 60 to 80 percent of the time. The low speed is a more efficient mode for the cooler and you need to ensure that it is able to switch between this speed and the higher one needed for very warm times.

Use A Low-Voltage Thermostat

It possible, you should use a low-voltage thermostat when you install your cooler. A high-voltage thermostat allows for greater temperature swings and this could be a problem, but is better than not having a thermostat at all. Manual controls for the system will waste energy and can cause very cold temperatures overnight.

Use A Barometric Damper For An Add-On System

One of the types of swamp cooler systems that you can install is an add-on system. With this system, you need to look at a barometric damper at the fan discharge because it will make it easier to switch between swamp cooling and air conditioning. It should be noted that the barometric damper will leak more air than the standard slide-in damper, but the convenience it provides will increase the chances of you using the system.

Check The Float Valve After The First Pump Cycle

When you install your swamp cooler system, you are going to have to set the float valve. It is important that you check the setting of the valve after the first cycle. If the float is set too high the sump can overflow with water which is drained from the pad drains. If the sump has overflowed, you need to readjust the setting and check the valve after the next cycle until you find the setting that works for your system.

Use Closed-Eye Hooks In Chain-Hung Coolers

There are a number of different systems that you can choose from and one of them is the chain-hung cooler. If you are installing this system you need to look at using closed-eye hooks. An open-eye hook could life out of the chain when you live the cooler to remove the pad frame. This will leave the cooler unsupported and could result in damage to the cooler or injury to you.

Provide An Electrical Disconnect

It is important that you have an electrical disconnect when you install the cooler. This will allow you to safely carry out maintenance on the system and is particularly important for rooftop installations. A lack of a disconnect for these systems will result in you working on a live cooler. Many high-quality units will come with a disconnect.

All in all it is usually better to hire a professional swamp cooler installation company, but sometimes you don’t have a choice if you happen to live in a rural area. Following these tips will help you make your evaporative cooling install a success.