Tips For Hiring A Swamp Cooler Installation Company In Denver

If you live in the mountain west, you already know that swamp coolers are a very popular choice for home cooling. Colorado seems to be ground zero for the explosion in popularity of the latest generation of high-tech swamp coolers. Most homeowners are surprised to know that when it comes to swamp coolers, the installation is actually the most difficult thing about evaporative cooling. This is because evaporative coolers, unlike air conditioners, do not require the use of potentially harmful refrigerants in order to provide cool, comfortable air in your home. To help you understand how a cooler can benefit your home, let us take a look at how it all works.

Remember the times when you took a dip in the pool on a hot summer day only to emerge from the water shivering? This is mainly because the hot dry air enabled the evaporation of water from your skin, thus lowering the temperature of the air surrounding your skin.

In the case of a swamp cooler, there’s a cooling pad (think of it as the skin) which sits at the entrance of the air intake. The air from outside is pulled into the system, and when it passes over the cooler pad the moisture in the pad begins to evaporate and lowering the air temperature. When the cooled air exits the cooler and is distributed into your home, it can lower the temperature inside enough to make the house comfortable.

If you come to really think about it, a swamp cooler is really nothing more than the plug-and-play version of an air conditioning unit without the need for chemical refrigerants, which makes them more eco-friendly than central air conditioners.

Probably the only thing challenging about swamp coolers is finding the right unit for you. Since a significant number of homes in Denver have boilers for heating, they don’t have ductwork which wouold require you to have a unit in each room, or install a rooftop unit capable of cooling your whole house.
Whatever your preference is though, you need to take into consideration the capacity of the cooler, which is expressed as CFM. If you opt to have a large installed unit, it might help if you enlist the help of an swamp cooler installation professional to help you choose the right size cooler for your needs. They would know, or at the very least, they would know more about it than you do.

In any case, finding a contractor you can trust can be a lot of work. The first thing you need to do is go to Google or Yelp and type in ‘swamp cooler installation’ plus the name of your local area.

Whatever you do, do NOT hire the first person you see in the search results. Instead, look for swamp cooler installation professionals that have lots of 5-star ratings, or at least plenty of 4-stars and enjoys mostly positive reviews by their customers. Once you have narrowed down the results, give them a call to see which one offers a money-back satisfaction guarantee and also has liability and workman’s compensation insurance.

You’re probably wondering how much it is going to cost you to hire an evaporative cooler installation company? It’s difficult to provide anything more than broad ranges  because the cost varies tremendously depending on which part of the country you line in.