Swamp Cooler An Eco-Friendly Choice vs. Central Air

These days swamp coolers are a popular alternative to central air conditioners, and becoming more popular every year. When used properly they are a very efficient and effective form of cooling. However, due to the evaporative process that is used to provide cooling, this type of cooling unit works the best in dry, hot climates … [Read more…]

5 reasons To Install A Variable Speed Swamp Cooler

The aspect of an air conditioner that dictates efficiency is the SEER rating; this is what in turn dictates your overall level of comfort. When looking to upgrade or replace your air conditioner, a variable speed swamp cooler is what you might consider, especially if you live in a part of the country with low … [Read more…]

A Few Swamp Cooler Installation Guidelines

There are many people who look at completing a swamp cooler installation on their own and think this is an impossible thing to do. However, there are a few guidelines that you should consider when completing an swamp cooler installation. These guidelines will help you choose the right cooler to install and ensure that your … [Read more…]